30 January, 2010

Where’s the Inner Bliss?

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

In the name of Allah the beneficent, the Merciful

Today I was all enraged and irritated by the things and people around me.

Got up, my mother said something to me that I don't remember, but it made me feel more annoyed.

Started getting ready for my office, unlike my routine I was feeling so dull. Same old office and I was like, 'I don't wanna go again to the same hell'.

Late to office cause of the vehicle I was supposed to be travelling on. And on reaching my office, every thing seemed so lifeless to me. I was like 'wanna quit now'.

The bitter words of the people around me, made me more furious about my life. My friend called and it was like I never knew that person. Just said Allah hafiz, after a little 'hmmms' and 'Nods'.

 I didn't know, what was wrong with all those around me, why the world was going all against me. I sat down, moving the cursor around the screen, clicking this and that.

Sitting in my chair, suddenly I saw some dua, posted by someone on facebook, Tagged as duaa-e-Noor it was the duaa that Muhammad S.A.W used to read while going for Fajr namaz. What a soothing effect it had on me, I was all calm and relaxed.

And here I remembered the cause of all this distress and rage. It was my Salah. I didn't pray fajr in the morning.
Oh! Can it turn me so weird? I was thinking.
But, the answer was, it can and it has. Why? How?

 I was thinking again and again about the time when I used to skip all my prayers and still lived with it. Why can't I do it now? And I was smiling to know that, now I have some Imaan in me, more than the times before. This Imaan made me feel bad about every thing around just because of a tiny deviation.

Thanks to my Allah (S.W.T), who loves me and doesn't want me to leave Him. Sitting again after some time, I am thinking about all my friends and colleagues, who, when I ask them to go for Salah, just tell me that they will start from tomorrow.

I am thinking that if me, the same ignorant sort can turn this way, why can't they? Who am I to stop from asking and pursuing them from time to time? And why shouldn't I keep going after them, if some humiliation to me, for the sake of Allah (S.W.T), can cause someone to get close the Master. At least this humiliation or irritation will be much more of worth, than the one I take for the sake of my worldly matters.

 And out of this little toil and effort, many of the readers can turn to Allah and can be saved from the bewitching effects of the life of today.

I pray to Allah that He makes me remember this all my life and many more of my kind, the turned devastated fundamentalists, just remember this responsibility! And that may I never turn back from what my Allah (S.W.T) has bestowed me with! Ameen!



Author: Nazir Mukarram

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Uxma khaN said...

Good Lesson and very important message behind....


Freeurmind said...

great article,Mashaa Allah.
Thought provoking.We really shouldn't give up on ourselves and the ppl around us.

Anonymous said...

u r right brother
jazakALLAH 4 this

Freeurmind said...

great article,Mashaa Allah.
Thought provoking.We really shouldn't give up on ourselves and the ppl around us.

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