11 February, 2009

We are Beautiful

In the name of Allah the beneficent, the Merciful

Naturally a human being always demands for "MORE".

There are certain wishes of his that take him away from realities....

For instance, every girl in particular wishes....."I wish I was fairer"…"I wish I was higher"…" I wish I was prettier"…

The word "I WISH" sometimes becomes a reason of not being thankful.....

I've heard a lot of girls saying "Allah didn't give me beauty"... "I am not pretty at all".... If we look at this behaviour of girls from one angle it seems as if they say it right.... since girls face a lot of problems regarding getting married... if they are not pretty, or high or wealthy they seems right on their part....as we all know the terms and conditions the guys usually have..


This is not the reality ...I mean it's really foolish to say or not being thankful to Allah on this matter.... ALLAH in the Quran says

"Certainly We created man in the best make. (Surah Al Teen 95:4)"

If Allah is saying it in the Quran that we are being created in our best forms then it must be true ... Allah is the creator ...He knows more that how we should be...

But the Moral of the story doesn't come out to be like being thankful on what you have because it is difficult to be thankful because we are in habit of seeing those above us in the materialistic matters

The solution lies in changing our thinking... we should change the way we think... We are suppose to change what beauty actually means ... beauty doesn't mean being pretty or even if it does, the word "pretty" should speak for itself....

We can be pretty in a lot of different ways... we can be pretty in our acts ,in our hearts ,in our thinking, in our friendships, in our relationships and above all in our feelings .....We should feel pretty not look pretty ....as everything goes the way we think of it or take it...


If beauty lies skin deep then what is the beauty that we speak of.... Let me tell u what it is...

The real guilt lies in our behaviour towards certain aspects ... like if we talk of beauty we always think of being beautiful from the outside ... you should look good if u are to be called beautiful... but this is all foolish on our part ....we can be beautiful from with in the skin .... Or from the inside.....

When we do a good deed, what do we name the feeling that we get, when we get great grades what is it that comes to our heart, what exactly is happiness ... I found them all as a feel of being pretty... tell me what do u think?????

From now I'm' sure we all are beautiful and we r going to feel pretty for always and we are not going to pay attention to such materialistic in our life because the apparent beauty is going to fade when we die but the felt beauty will never last...A FAIR FACE MAY FADE BUT A
BEAUTIFUL SOUL LASTS FOREVER…..we should feel love for all the people in our hearts as this act of ours is going to take us towards Jannah... Love for other people can take us to Jannah ... giving love doesn't cost anything.... so we are going to love everyone to make them feel special and pretty and we are going to change everyone's mind ....

May Allah Bless us All....

Author : Saira Khan

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  1. subhanAllah...very well written!!
    may Allah reward you for writing such a thought provoking article!
    jazzakiAllah khairun!!:)

  2. Fatima Al Ameri

    Jazzak allah khir akhi..

    really we are beautiful.."Thank you allah" ..