10 February, 2009

When I Understood Love

In the name of Allah the beneficent, the Merciful

The melodious chorus echoed in the mosque in final harmony: Assalam o Alaikum wa Rahmatullah, Assalam u Alaikum wa Rahmatullah (Peace be on you and Allah's mercy and blessings). The leader of the Jamaat Shaikh Taufeeq Saigh concluded the Qiyam ul Lail on the last night of Ramadan. The whole mosque was in tears, few were sobbing shrilly. It was 3.45 AM by now. The sheikh faced the people and said, "It might be the last night of Ramadan. Value these moments. Some people complained that I end the Qiyam ul Lail very late; Insha'Allah when we enter Paradise we will recall the sweet nights we used to spend standing before our lord…". The sheikh left the mosque sobbing, adding fuel to the already burning hearts of the people.'

'Oh Allah Bless us with Ramadan again and again so that we do your Zikr and Tasbeeh in abundance '

After seven long years I got a chance to spend my Ramadan in Saudi Arabia. For Taraweeh and Qiyam ul Lail I used to go to Masjid Lami. The Imam (leader) of the mosque was Shaikh Taufeeq Saigh. His recitation directly entered my heart and when he supplicated I really felt my self a child holding the shirt of my father and crying that please buy me that toy. When I started the Holy month I had a mission for the month: to get my self close to the Holy book. The matchless experience of the Taraweeh and Qiyam ul Lail for the first time made me understand what true love is. Unintentionally I looked at the watch frequently waiting for the time I would spend with my Allah, my Quran and my Shaikh. I could not simply listen to the Holy Quran. I either had to surrender to it or fight it. It attacked tenaciously, directly, personally, it debated criticized, shamed and challenged. I would find myself in the words of the Holy Quran and feel that the book has been written particularly for me.

This Ramadan has given me several gifts. I feel that my love for the book gets stronger every time I open it or recite it, and ultimately it increases my love for Allah but I am still waiting for those 'sweet nights' of Ramadan to return and I can stand in front of my Allah, in the leadership of my Shaikh and listen and dissolve in my Holy Quran.

I have uploaded the complete Quran of SheikhTaufeeq Saigh here.

Author : Muhammad Awais Tahir

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