31 March, 2011

30 March, 2011

28 March, 2011

Fake Sufis and their Agenda

Fixed Ritualistic practice under some Peer (spiritual leader) and cutting off from other duties of Islam, related with Amr bil M’aruf and Nahi ‘Anil Munkar (Advocating good and forbidding evil), is a mode of life alien to Islam, and indeed an innovation. Striving for spiritual ascension and purification is something that goes side by side with our other duties.
Every innovation is a misguidance and every misguidance goes to Hell fire.


23 March, 2011

09 March, 2011

Marriage–Why? When ? With ? What?

Love is a feeling shared by 7 billion people existing on the face of earth today. Islam has given the best possible way to channelize these feelings and gratify the satiety: "Marriage". It scintillates one's life and fill them with feeling of reassurance, security and happiness. 
"For those who love each other, nothing has proven as good as marriage.” (Sunan ibn Maajah, Verified to be authentic by Sheikh al Albani in As Saheehah)