28 March, 2011

Fake Sufis and their Agenda

Fixed Ritualistic practice under some Peer (spiritual leader) and cutting off from other duties of Islam, related with Amr bil M’aruf and Nahi ‘Anil Munkar (Advocating good and forbidding evil), is a mode of life alien to Islam, and indeed an innovation. Striving for spiritual ascension and purification is something that goes side by side with our other duties.
Every innovation is a misguidance and every misguidance goes to Hell fire.

How many a time has someone narrated to you story of a Sufi who lives in a distant town, and who shows strange miracles. The Sufi can tell you whatever you ask him. And he tells everyone to read a specific Zikr or name of Allah, certain number of times every day. So, this is all you require: Some invented miracles, some generic statements to answer people’s question, a trade-mark set of wird (repeated short azkaar) and a group of motivated individuals with advertising capabilities, and you are equipped to run a Sufism business.
“Over 3,00,000 people see Hazrat Baba Jani Sarkar in their dreams every day and they come to him tell him”, says the official website of Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Baba Jani Sarkar Allah Walay [1]. At times he claims to be the Son of Prophet Muhammad and claims to meet him in dream very often. At times he calls his followers as ‘Sahaba Karaam’ (Respected Companions) [2]. The website also claims that: “Over 20 Thousand saw Hazrat Baba Jani Sarkar with Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) in their dreams”.
The numeric values and absurdity of the claims is itself enough proof that the character is fake. But, people pay very little heed. He can hardly recite an Ayah of Qur’an without making Lahn e Jali (clear error) [2]. Yet, he claims to be the most important person on the face of the Globe these days. A little glance at his website can make it clear that he’s promoting himself and some ‘self-invented’ Wird (repeated short azkaar).In many videos he can be seen narrating virtues of certain azkaar or recitation for particular number of times which are not found in any hadith. In many videos, people are praising him with statements that certainly constitute Shirk and Extremism, but he sits quietly and enjoys it [3]. He also claims to have read his name in Lauh e Mehfuz, and he saw it to be Baba Jani, said one of his Mureed. He also informs whether the dead ones are in Jannah or Jahannum. Perhaps the ‘greatest’ Karamah (miracle) ‘given’ to Baba Jani is that the name Muhammad, Allah and sometimes the Green Dome (Gunbad e Khazra) appears on his forehead [4][5]. The miracle is hardly visible and it requires pre-faith and microscope to observe it. And even when you observe it, it doesn’t look really shocking. If Allah wanted to give a sign to Baba Jani, why did Allah keep it so microscopic and inconspicuous? Why did Allah weaken his eye sight, because the Glasses become a hurdle to witness the Karamah?
Having said all this, the easiest way to filter out a Fake Sufi is his way of life and what he preaches. Is he bringing people back to complete Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad or is he just promoting and exaggerating a particular practice of Islam out of proportion? Is he promoting activists mode of life which involves D’awah and Jihad or is he just focusing on personal purification? Is he promoting himself or is he promoting Prophet Muhammad and Qur’an? Is he participating actively in some D’awah activity? Is he working for the establishment of rule of Allah? Is his life-style or the life-style he promotes, coincides with the life-style of Prophet Muhammad and his rightly guided companions?
Even the word Sufism is new and alien to Islam! This word was invented 2 centuries after the death of Prophet Muhammad, and even to date the origin of the word is disputed. The terminology of Qur’an and Hadith for those who actively strive to work for spiritual purification and ascension is Muhsin, somebody who has the characteristic of Ihsaan. Striving to achieve Ihsaan is something that every Muslim is supposed to strive for. In the famous hadith of Jibreel عليه السلام Ihsaan is defined as “Worship Allah as you see Him, and if you don’t see him then (surely) He sees You”. The drastic mistake of not adopting the Qur’anic terminology gave room to new mode of life which has nothing to do with Islam. Fixed Ritualistic practice under some Peer (spiritual leader) and cutting off from other duties of Islam, related with Amr bil M’aruf and Nahi ‘Anil Munkar (Advocating good and forbidding evil), is a mode of life alien to Islam, and indeed an innovation. Striving for spiritual ascension and purification is something that goes side by side with our other duties. The Sufi concept prevalent today, makes you totally forget the last two perquisites of Success in Surah al-‘Asr and leaves you in state of Khusr (loss).
Have you ever wondered why almost all the famous novelist of Pakistan promoted strange Sufi ideologies? Why are their stories revolving around some Baba Jee, disconnected from the world in some village, who has ‘super’ insight into world news? Why do American Officials visit the tombs that are hubs of grave worship? Your enemies have a special affinity for this Sufi mode of life, isn’t that enough to prove you that there’s something wrong with it?
RAND Muslim Corporation in US which is actively working to cut-off the activist roots of Islam (which they call as fundamentalist) have presented a solution to fight fundamentalism, and that bulleted solution had several propositions including promoting Sufism. Cheryl Benard, a senior scientist at RAND in her solutions to fight fundamentalism says: “Encourage the popularity and acceptance of Sufism, a traditionalist form of Islamic mysticism that represents an open, intellectual interpretation of Islam.” [6]
An interesting story appeared in U.S. News and World Report of April 25, 2005 [7]:
“A practicing Sufi, Mirahmadi has advised U.S. officials on how best to proceed.” The goal is to preserve things that are the ideological antithesis of radical Islam," she says. Among the tactics: using U.S. aid to restore Sufi shrines overseas, to preserve and translate its classic medieval manuscripts, and to push governments to encourage a Sufi renaissance in their own countries. The idea has already caught on with King Mohammed VI of Morocco, who has quietly brought together local Sufi leaders there and offered millions of dollars in aid to use as a bulwark against radical fundamentalism.”
And how are they promoting Sufism? Through their Sufi agents:
“The conflict has caught the attention of U.S. policymakers, who, while they can't endorse Sufism directly, are pushing to strengthen those associated with it. “
They try to defame Islamic Activists who are striving to Implement Islam in their own lands. They try to label them as extremist and fundamentalists. They promote scholars who speak against these activists. They try to link them to conspiracy theories. And yes, they are promoting an ideological antithesis to Islamic activist mode of life, and that is: Sufism.

Author: Mohammad Awais Tahir

The author may or may not have the same views on the topic and would not like to be quoted on what has been said above. The author, however, deems nothing wrong with changing opinions, hence, he does not wish to amend/remove posts that do not resonate with his current thinking.
“Those who never retract their opinions love themselves more than they love truth.”
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  1. Assalam-u-alaikum wr wb.. jazakALLAHu khairun for posting this.. i have actually seen the man you have told about.. and i agree with you.. his lifestyle does not coincides with that of our Prophet s.a.w. and moreover i strongly agree to the fact that he only works on personal purification.(ALLAH knows if it's wrong or right.. )

    it is indeed a great article.. ma sha ALLAH.. may ALLAH guide us all to the right path.. aameen

  2. Syed Hassan AhmedMarch 29, 2011 at 8:20 AM

    May Allah protect us all from Bid'ah (innovations in Islam)

  3. jazakiLLAH khair for posting and writing such a beautiful artical. May ALLAH protect us from all the Bida'as and lead us towards right path.

  4. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...

    SubhanaAllah...i cant believe how people can do such stuff!!! :s
    may Allah S.w.t. protect us from the plots of the accursed shaitan!

    "Why are their stories revolving around some Baba Jee,disconnected from the word" i guess you meant WORLD.

    JazakAllah khair for the article...i hope this disease of fake sufism wont spread further..

    Allahul Musta'an!

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXTgBfvQVNg

  6. Wa 'alaikum As Salam wr Wb Ukhte Amatul Wudood!

    I've corrected the typo, JazakiLLAH.

    JazakiLLAH for the encouragement and the link.

  7. Amazing things happening again and again.
    Sufism was true,
    Mulla's were false,
    Now Mullah's are fake,
    Sufi's are fake,

  8. if you think the number's given are absurd then you batter open your eyes, come and meet me and let me show you the guys in real over 20,000

    Name: Muhammad Aamir
    Cell: +923214021967

    Whoever thinks its fake first should come and talk and see by his own eyes and then write something like this, other wise you have no idea about it.

  9. Assalam u 'Alaikum Muhammad Aamir !

    I am in Glasgow (UK), had I been in Pakistan I would have surely come to meet you !

    I would like you to re-read Paragraph # 4, I clearly emphasized that my main point of view is not the absurdity of the 'numbers', rather the extrapolation and over-emphasis on a particular 'static' Islamic activity that deals only with Personal purification. Hence, turning us into silent slaves of secular systems. And a person using some 'personal miracle' rather than the message (Qur'an and hadith) to invite people to himself, is surely a man on a doubtful mission. Wallahu A'alam.

    As Iqbal said in Iblees ke Majlisi e Shura :
    " pukhta tar ker do mizaaj e khanqahi main issay".

    These disconnected people are blowing their own invented practices out of proportion and they call it Islam. If 'personal miracles' are to be the test, then go and witness the thousands of miracles performed in the name of Jesus around the globe. Go and accept , Chris Angel to be your leader! Anything that seems super-natural to you can be a result of some gift of Allah, ofcourse, but it can be a result of many other factors, that includes the involvements of Jinn and magic.

    May Allah save us from all fitan

  10. 1- Its an established rule that Dreams don't dictate Shar'iah, except the dreams of Anbiya (Prophets), why is he using on his website dreams to prove that he is someone of great value?

    2- Why is asking people to come to him?

    3- Why is he uploading fake miracles?

    4- Why is advertising his miracles and his activities?

    5- Why is he stressing on zikr or salah etc only in all his lectures?

    6- Where does he tell people to strive and overturn the secular systems? What was Prophet Muhammad's struggle throughout his life?

    7- Why are his speeches full of 'significance' of certain azkaar which are not mentioned in any hadith?

    8- Why is he spreading his self invented azkaar and not stressing on the azkaar that Prophet Muhammad did throughout his life?

    9- Do you know he claims that he has read his name in 'Luh ul Mahfuz' and he found it to be 'babajani' ?

    10- There was a huge difference of opinion amongst ummah that came in time of 'Ali RA and Uthman RA, why didn't Allah give such miraculous signs to them to prove that they are true?

    11- Did any of the Sahaba or Tabi'een use this methodology to invite people to themselves?

    12- If he is so blessed why can't he even recite the Qur'an correctly?

  11. ' rakhta hai mera peer mureedo ke sab khabar'

    ' wo shakhs zindage main bigarta nahe kabhe

    jis shakhs per pare hai meray peer ke nazar '


    Full of Shirk ! And your 'peer' sits silent listening to his 'praise' !

    And listen to how careful your Prophet was in this regard :

    Rubbayyi bint Mu’awwiz ibn Afra (May Allah be pleased with her)narrated: Allah’s Messenger (Peace be upon him) came to me on the morning after my nuptuals. He sat down on my bed just as you are now sitting with me while our female slaves were playing the daff and recited eulogies about our ancestors who were martyred at Badr till one of them recited:

    And among us is the Prophet (Peace be upon him) who knows about the tomorrow.

    So, he said to her, “Observe silence from that, but say that which you had been saying before this”.

    (Jami' Tirmidhi)

  12. the truth


  13. There is no miracle what so ever in any video or picture.And a very obvious thing to prove it fake is the video of 'gunbad e khazra', which not only looks like a clear manipulation and also the fact that gunbad e khazra is not included in the sha'air e islam , remember it was not even there at the times of sahaba. And why would Allah give a miracle which needs a microscope to observe. Tell me which Sahabi used miracles to prove his truth?

    Yes, and Allah gives miracles that are very vivid and everyone can see and observe, and miracles (m'uajzaat) are a proof of prophethood. No sahabi, tabiee ever used miracles to prove their truth.

  14. Watch carefully and if you cant find it wear glasses


  15. I'm already wearing them, may be I need a microscope or a telescope:P. I can conduct a survey for you, and I will show this video to hundreds of muslims without telling them that there is something in this. And I will be amazed if even one out of the hundred, without knowing, recognizing that there is some m'uajza (miracle) happening.

  16. m'uajza is only for Prophets you infidel, this is karamat ! and tell those hundreds of people that there is name of Muhammad (saw) written over there, so they know what they are looking for and if anybody cant find it then they should come see live by their own eyes, and you better check your doctor cuz i think you are wearing the wrong number.

  17. I know the difference between M'ujaza and Karamah and I've mentioned in the article too. That is why specially wrote the the term M'uajza in bracket with miracles. And there is an important difference in them. Prophets use M'uajzaat to prove their truth, but Sahaba and Khulafa e Rashideen and the Salaf as Saliheen never used Karamaat to prove that they are the true ones to be followed, although they were many disputes in their times as well.

    Let's stop the discussion here, and let me narrate to you a hadith of the Prophet as you called me an infidel:

    It is reported on the authority of Ibn `Umar that the Prophet (may peace and blessings be upon him) said: Any person who calls his brother: O Unbeliever! (then the truth of this label) would return to one of them. If it is true, (then it is) as he asserted, (but if it is not true), then it returns to him (and thus the person who made the accusation is an Unbeliever).

    (Sahih al-Muslim)

  18. Another important point is, if we read the Seerah of Sahaba and at-Tabi'een, during the life time of Rasulullah and after it, there were hundreds of karamaat, and most of them (if not all) were accompanied with Jihad (or qitaal)in the path of Allah. And, nowadays, people driving in big jeeps, and in their comfort of their couch claim big Karamaat, when in essence they are silent slaves of Secular Democracy, what to say of Jihad!

    Wallahu A'alam

  19. ""Innovation has spread, so whoever does not have Sunnah, or the narrations, then he will fall into innovation -""

  20. Amazing things happening again and again.
    Sufism was true,
    Mulla's were false,
    Now Mullah's are fake,
    Sufi's are fake,

  21. Have you ever read any of the old Sufi discourses of Rumi, ibn Arabi etc.? Do you not see that the very core of Sufism or Islam is in fact shared by the core of all or most other religions? Do you not also see that our religion of 'Islam' has split into the fundamental and the spiritual sides, such that we now have Salafism and Sufism as the two superior modes of Islamic thinking today? Do you not thus see that just like the 'Israelis' and the 'Arabs', just like Isaac and Ishmael, they used to be one? Do you not sit down for a moment and reflect on these things?

  22. What I am saying is not that you are entirely wrong, but that you don't think about this! You mock the spirituality of Sufism on its own, but it in essence, if it were coupled with structure (which I think for the most part it is), such as a portion of that of the rigid fundamentalists of today, then maybe it would be as close as possible to the religion of Muhammad (s), Jesus (peace) etc. But the structure itself is emphasised too much these days, for according to Rumi et al., it is not the form that is important, as form changes and is numerous, but the substance/essence, which is one.