13 April, 2013

List of Articles on OCD

1. Religious Causes of OCD in Muslims

Discusses the 'religious' causes of OCD in Muslim population. Through vivid examples it is explained how extreme rulings lead to obsessions that in turn lead to compulsions. This article seeks to abolish the angelic view of scholarship that is administered into people and works to their disadvantage by making it difficult for them to find the balance.

2. I Counsel: Some Reflections

Some reflections on my encounters with OCD Sufferers ; some observations and some tips.

3. Worried About Blasphemous Thoughts? 

A first aid kit for those pre-occupied with blasphemous thoughts. 

4. Journey into an OCD Mind

An academic journey into the mind of an OCD sufferer. Insight into neurological, psychological, biological, socio-cultural and religious causes of OCD.

5. A Comprehensive Guide to Overcome OCD for Muslims

An explanation of scrupulosity in Muslims, and a comprehensive analysis of doubts in light of scriptural rulings and rationality. 

6. Solusi Islam untuk OCD (was-was) - A Review

Above article in Malaysian/Indonesian Language.

7. Overcoming Waswaas - Whispers in 'Ibaadaat (Worship)

An explanation of doubts that Muslims encounter while worshiping, and how those doubts are transformed into obsessions and compulsions. 

8. Overcoming Waswaas - OCD from an Invisible Angle

A meta-physical explanation of OCD. 


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