06 June, 2014

Life's Mixed Messages

Door closes, and other doors open? Hurdles in the path way, so you find an alternate path? Life catapulting you back to fire you into new horizons? OR Door closing and you got to start over? Hurdles in the path way that you'd have to smash and go through? You're being thrown back into time, and you'd need to make renewed efforts to find your way? Sometimes, if not always, I get mixed messages from what life throws at me.

These mixed messages balance themselves out, causing emptiness in my mind. An emotionless, feeling-less epoch that waits for a clearer message which never arrives. These vacant times switch me into a mode of consciousness, where I feel like freely falling into destiny. I do not feel the need to battle the waves; I do not feel the need to make a point; do not feel the need to make a decision.

I am but a single piece of the puzzle? Where do I fit into the bigger picture? Is the bigger picture going to reveal itself? Or am I myself the maker of the bigger picture? Sometimes if not always, in life, I get mixed messages!

Dear Life, can you make your messages clearer or give me the strength to decode them.

02 June, 2014

Inspecting the practices we are born into [Radio Talk]

My interview on a south African Radio Channel (Voice of the Cape).

Topics discussed:

- Qur'an and Prophetic traditions on 'Quest for Truth'
- Social Conditioning : How our lens can blind us? How do we get trapped in filter bubbles?
- How defense mechanisms hinder the quest for truth
- Widening our gaze and adopting radical doubt
- Shunning the habit of judging others and embracing empathy