06 June, 2014

Life's Mixed Messages

Door closes, and other doors open? Hurdles in the path way, so you find an alternate path? Life catapulting you back to fire you into new horizons? OR Door closing and you got to start over? Hurdles in the path way that you'd have to smash and go through? You're being thrown back into time, and you'd need to make renewed efforts to find your way? Sometimes, if not always, I get mixed messages from what life throws at me.

These mixed messages balance themselves out, causing emptiness in my mind. An emotionless, feeling-less epoch that waits for a clearer message which never arrives. These vacant times switch me into a mode of consciousness, where I feel like freely falling into destiny. I do not feel the need to battle the waves; I do not feel the need to make a point; do not feel the need to make a decision.

I am but a single piece of the puzzle? Where do I fit into the bigger picture? Is the bigger picture going to reveal itself? Or am I myself the maker of the bigger picture? Sometimes if not always, in life, I get mixed messages!

Dear Life, can you make your messages clearer or give me the strength to decode them.


  1. Abu Bakr Bhagdadi will not declared as mehdi , as per Quran or Hadeeth Prophet Mohammad S.A.W.W said Mehdi's Name Is Mohammad And Father Name Is Abdullah And he is from Hazrat Hassan R.A Family, And When He Come to Haram Kaba With Black Flag And All Muslims Bait On His Hand And He Declared As Khalifah Of Muslims INSHA ALLAH ,..

    Acording To You Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is not a son of abdullah and his real name is not mohammad And He Declared Him Self As Khalifah In Iraq ..


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  3. The Mahdi will get 7 years, a 7 yrs treaty he will make with Israel for peace ..but the Mahdi is what in the Bible is called the Antichrist...and after 3 1/2 yrs he will break the treaty and persecute the jewish people to extinction and force every human being on earth to convert to Islam. At the end of the 7th years, the Mahdi will make the big mistake of wanting to completly wipe Israel out of the map, Jehovah will destroy him and Islam will disappear forever from the face of this earth....

  4. When reflecting on the lives of great religious figures whether it be Messengers and Prophets or the first generation of Muslims one sees a great deal of self-discipline. In many instances choosing the harder and more virtuous path over the easy and instantly gratifying path. Fasting tries to instill elements of asceticism in us, Something that is almost hard to find especially in the extremely materialistic times we live in.

    P.S. Muhammad Awais Tahir I really would like to contact you

  5. Lmao no. Al mahdi will be at war then it will be announced
    that the anti christ has revealed him self but he will first claim to be a prophet then he will say he is allah.
    al mahdi will fight his forces but will not be able to kill him.
    then while in the holy lands 1200 will be left they will be geting ready to pray fajr. Jesus christ will desend next to the white minaret in the mosque in dimascus and willtravel to holy land and join the salah. After they pray he will tell the muslimsopen the gate 70000 followers of the anti christ will swarm in while in battle jesus will spot the anti christ he will chase him and slay him.
    Some jews will side with jesus after and some will continue to fight and they will be slain.
    also jesus(as) will destroy every cross he sees

  6. How the hell he manage to predict the death of king Abdullah ??? But I can't see any conflicts in Saud family.

  7. There are deep ones only that it is carefully being hidden. Just Google about sucesseion dispute of adulllA

  8. I'm going to come back here definitely if something will happen in house of King Saud.

  9. Assalamu alaykum. I came across the Hadith that when khalifa will be fight with his brother & nephew. It is regarding to treasure of kabbah. They wants the treasure of kabbah & destroy kabbah. But that's not gonna happen in era of king Salman. He is righteous man. Allah knows best. You should not make such predictions.

  10. I think you should just shut up. We're talking Islam here but your Harry Potter religion

  11. Final victory is for Islam. Isn't this in Quran? Muslims are one nation. Isn't this Islam? One nation will have one ruler. Isn't this the way? That one ruler who will establish the khilafat on the way of the prophet pbuh is the Imam Mehdi. Isn't it obvious? Today when muslims are divided into 50plus countries with 50 corrupt rulers, who do you think can claim and be accepted as the khalifa of entire Muslim without putting up a fight? It will be Imam Mehdi with the help of Allah swt because Allah will make Islam to dominate the entire world and that is in Quran!!!!