23 July, 2017

Recitations vs Reading

Muslims all over the globe learn to "recite" the Qur'an. Recitation for them is an act of poetic reading with an automatic assignment of magnanimity to the words. Oddly though in the Non-Arab word, more often than not, the words have no meaning to the reciter other than a genetic aura of Godliness and Royalty. If people were to read the Qur'an like they'd read any other book , you can't just go through words without appreciation and some level of understanding of what they mean. It is rather uncharacteristic to a reader that he is going through pages and pages of a book with no active consideration to the meaning but it does become a normal occurrence with recitation. There is a lot of activity in this world which is cab be tagged as "auto-pilot" and lacks proper rational thought, and it is a shame that the same act of  unconscious doing has been applied to the Qur'an, and even more shame that it has been done so by those who themselves believe and even propagate it as the most authentic and the most noble of written texts. 


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